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Fishy Prayer

When the post on the plural of ‘fish’ breezed by my timeline, I was reminded of a time I was asked to say the closing prayer after a family gathering. I overcame my initial reluctance with the elation that I was being recognized as an aspiring spiritual warrior. I exuded joy, excitement and confidence when […]

Judge Dogood Accused of Practising Witchcraft

Have you ever been accused of practising witchcraft? Yes, I have. And I am not talking about behind the scenes, hidden chatter and gossip, no. I am referring to a straight up face to face accusation. On a fine Tuesday morning I was walking to my car. I was preoccupied with my warm thoughts which […]

Human Gas

Dogood got a much sought justification for obsessing and talking freely about farting. This he got from an unexpected quarter: church and not a scientific study. He learnt about a spiritual dimension to passing gas. So as not to offend the imaginations and sensibilities of the noses, which have been enjoying some unexpected protection due […]

Noses Will Breathe Again

A season is coming soon when we will stop wearing masks. I will offer artistic opinion and evidence, not expert opinion. I prefer this kind of evidence because it is highly subjective reasoning open to non-scientific interpretations. My assertion has nothing to do with government mandates, success of vaccines or a scientific discovery of a […]

If Joseph Were Kenyan

While attending the Bible School of the Holy Spirit, I was encouraged to always read the Bible with imagination without colouring outside the lines. On one of those reading assignments, I encountered six Kenyan Josephs —three noble and three colourful. I acknowledge that we have very many noble Kenyans who wear their Joseph names and […]

The Last Sermon

Bishop Ken has never had problems writing sermons. One day he is rushing home to draft one, but when he finds his wife and daughter crying, he struggles for the whole week to come up with one. Now, he has a few minutes before he stands to deliver a sermon that addresses his personal issues, […]