Judge Dogood Interviews the Interviewers

Judge Dogood Interviews the Interviewers

Dogood was at another interview. It had gone well, or so he thought. He had answered all the questions effortlessly.
There were three panelists, two of them male.

“Mr. Dogood, Do you have any questions for us?’

“Thank you. I have a couple. I printed them out.”
Dogood took the questions from his document folder.

“You came prepared.” One of the panelists said.

“Thank you. You can answer the questions in any order.” Dogood said as he gave them the questions.

 Dogood had printed twelve questions.

  1. What did you have for breakfast?
  2. Was that a special breakfast because of the interview?
  3. Why did you decide to wear a suit?
  4. Are you always in suits or did you wear one because you are coming to interview me?
  5. How did you prepare for the interview?
  6. Are all your interview panels made up of three?
  7. How did you decide on who to interview me?
  8. How many hours would you say you put in the preparation?
  9. How did the preparation for this interview disrupt or enhance your daily routine?
  10. Do you have a daily routine?
  11. How often do you read the Bible (if you do)?
  12. What is your shoe size?

The three panelists looked at the questions and at one another.

“This is different. What are you hoping to achieve?”

“To be creative, to understand the company values and culture, and the hidden expectations if I get this job.”

“I think we are done here and you need not wait to hear from us.”

Martin Mburu

Judge Dogood © is a fictional character created by Martin Mburu

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