Couples seminar: Adam and Eve

Couples seminar

Couples seminar: Adam and Eve

Imagine how life was for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the Fall. What did they talk about?” Judge Dogood asked the seventeen couples. Dogood’s friend, who was facilitating the couple’s seminar, had invited him to open the session.

Dogood presented his version of what might have happened.

“When Adam saw Eve, he uttered the famous words, in Genesis 2:23, ‘This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called ‘Woman’, for she was taken out of man.’ Adam must have been so overjoyed that he even did a courtship jig. No more hanging out with animals or staring at trees for company.

He took her through the basics. His work was to take care of the Garden. And most important, he told her they must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Besides keeping him company, Eve was expected to help him with his work.

Couples seminar: Adam and Eve

Eve was keen on learning what Adam had been up to. Adam glosses over the mundane daily duties as he introduces Eve to linguistics. You can already tell Adam had a way with words. Unlike many guys who get tongue tied or focus on specific body parts on seeing the woman of their dreams, Adam captured her whole essence and even gave her a name. All in a minute.

Adam might have had tears in his eyes as he told her about the unprecedented feat of single-handedly naming the animals. He pointed at the animals for emphasis. He showed her a sleeping lion under a shade, a herd of zebras and a clan of hyenas that was sharing jokes.

Eve was full of admiration for Adam’s accomplishments. She took time to absorb it all. Inspired at having human company and conversation, Adam spoke nonstop.  It is as if he was out to make up for the past days of silence.

Eve interrupts, “What about me?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t I get to name some animals?”

“Oh! No, no. no, not your job.”

“Can we then swap names, maybe, call the elephant, eagle, and the sheep, chicken?”

“No, we can’t. We are done with naming animals.”

Eve needs a break and a diversion as she hopes, perhaps, to pursue that matter insidiously later.

“I need to take a bath.”

“What did you say?” Adam feigns ignorance. He can’t wait to continue with his linguistic lecture. Eve looks at him. “You can swim with dolphins, play in the mud with the elephants or, my personal favourite, wait for the rains.”

Eve was determined to enjoy a break from the study of names, words and meanings, “Do you have toilets or latrines.”

“Pick a bush.”

And right on cue, a dog picks a bush to mark its territory.

Eve gets into deep thought. She looks at the waters where the crocodiles and hippos have come up for air; she looks at the elephants applying thick layers of mud on their bodies; she looks at the azure sky, and at the clueless Adam. And just when she is about to despair, like a bolt of lightning, a brainwave hits her.

“We need some adjustments around here.” Eve is no longer interested in the naming of animals and other Adam’s domains. She has carved out her niche. She continues, “I am a woman, I am different.  There will be specific meal times, designated sleeping and bathing areas.”

Adam’s world trembles. It had been perfect until now, and he still can’t see why it needs fixing. Perhaps he wonders who she really is and whether his life was better off without her.

Eve is determined. Adam has accomplished a lot but there is much more he needs to learn.

Many centuries after, couples are still trying to figure out the dynamics of relationships.”

Martin Mburu

Judge Dogood © is a fictional character created by Martin Mburu

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Hahaha so true though

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Everyday is a learning day.
This explains the supremacy battles between couples.

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