Monthly Archive August 24, 2022

Fishy Prayer

When the post on the plural of ‘fish’ breezed by my timeline, I was reminded of a time I was asked to say the closing prayer after a family gathering.

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I overcame my initial reluctance with the elation that I was being recognized as an aspiring spiritual warrior. I exuded joy, excitement and confidence when I said, “Let us pray.”

Judge Dogood Accused of Practising Witchcraft

Have you ever been accused of practising witchcraft? Yes, I have.

And I am not talking about behind the scenes, hidden chatter and gossip, no. I am referring to a straight up face to face accusation.

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On a fine Tuesday morning I was walking to my car. I was preoccupied with my warm thoughts which were warding off the freezing air outside. Ahead of me in the parking lot, John, my neighbour, was already driving out. But on seeing me he stopped and stomped out.