Fishy Prayer

Fishy Prayer

When the post on the plural of ‘fish’ breezed by my timeline, I was reminded of a time I was asked to say the closing prayer after a family gathering.

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I overcame my initial reluctance with the elation that I was being recognized as an aspiring spiritual warrior. I exuded joy, excitement and confidence when I said, “Let us pray.”

After thanksgiving, the main petition was divine provision. From the numerous prayer requests, provision was the keyword. I decided to handle that weighty matter by praying with Scripture. My rudimentary theology has taught me that prayers of provision have to do with fish.

Peter the fisherman had a miraculous bountiful harvest twice.  Jesus told Peter to pick a coin for the temple tax from the mouth of a fish. Lastly, the two famous miracles of the feeding of multitudes. Fish as provision is so ingrained in me that anytime I am eating fish, I see divine provision. I have heard and read of Omega 3 and other essential nutrients, white meat, blah, blah, blah… among reasons for eating fish, but I still see fish as a sign of provision. 

The professional fish eaters still tease me that I don’t who how to eat the head or debone roasted fish methodically.   Still, I persist.

With my exuberance, I hoped we could all settle that matter of provision at once without delay, instantly. I invoked the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand.  I don’t know about you, but I did not pick the feeding of the five thousand over the four thousand, because of the multitude I was praying with in that room. It was all about the surplus of the twelve baskets. 

“My Lord, you fed the five thousand with five loaves…. Five loaves! Five loaves, my dear Lord, you fed the five thousand with—“

“Hallelujah! Amen! Yes, Lord!  Do it, Lord!” from my audience give me a much needed breather. They must have been thinking I was emphasizing the five loaves and the five thousand men. Little did they know I was stuck —I was trying to figure out whether it was two fish or two fishes.

Martin Mburu

Judge Dogood © is a fictional character created by Martin Mburu

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LilianPosted on  6:23 pm - Jun 18, 2023

Great pieces! Power to the elbow!

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