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Mama’s Boardroom

John and his siblings had been brought up in the smooth and quiet, urban life. When his parents decided it was time for the family to move to the farm, the transition was shocking. John looks back at his cheeky ways of coping with the shift by focusing on the conversations in the semi-traditional kitchen. […]

Couples seminar

Couples seminar: Adam and Eve

“Imagine how life was for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the Fall. What did they talk about?” Judge Dogood asked the seventeen couples. Dogood’s friend, who was facilitating the couple’s seminar, had invited him to open the session. Dogood presented his version of what might have happened. “When Adam saw Eve, […]

At A Conference On Literacy & Imagination

Dogood’s only regret was that he was in Cape Town for business, not pleasure. He made his way past the registration desk. It was not as busy as the first day. The ushers in conference uniform: white T-shirts and blue jeans, were there to guide the few guests who reported on the second day of […]



Choirgirl walked through the entrance of the upmarket cafe.  A male security guard ushered her in. Her blue dress hugged her, revealing curves that are always hidden under the choir uniform. Like a woodpecker, her high heels rhythmically ate away at the café’s tiles. She swayed her hips from left and right as she made […]

Sermon: A Tale of Two Donkeys

“Our sermon today is based on the story of two donkeys. Yes church, you heard me, donkeys. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!” Dogood’s braying was so convincing that some in the congregation looked around for the donkey and the owner of the pet. If he had been out, he would have fooled the real donkeys. “Donkeys are […]

Four in One

“Globalization, connectivity, networking and innovation are terms that are bandied everywhere. How much of that is encouraged in our classrooms? We are training learners to pursue disciplinary isolationism. We are sharpening compartmentalized thinkers–people who have to be prompted to turn on specific parts of their brains. I am about to tell you a joke, switch […]