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Destiny motifs

Destiny Motifs

Dogood wrote an expository essay on destiny motifs.  He had a difficult time starting the essay as reminders of all the essays he had written over the years, most of them fictional and still in his imagination, distracted him. He saw the light when he recalled a definition he gave at a teachers’ workshop.  “An […]

Judge Dogood Interviews the Interviewers

Dogood was at another interview. It had gone well, or so he thought. He had answered all the questions effortlessly. There were three panelists, two of them male. “Mr. Dogood, Do you have any questions for us?’ “Thank you. I have a couple. I printed them out.” Dogood took the questions from his document folder. […]

Judge Dogood’s Vocabulary Lesson

Dogood was invited to Maranda County to talk to language teachers on creative ways of teaching vocabulary. “With new words being coined every day how are we expected to master the core vocabulary?”  Dogood introduced his presentation. “The English language has many words, with many unpredictable spellings and pronunciations. Just when you think you have […]

Judge Dogood at a Job Interview

Judge Dogood sat in an active posture as he responded passively to the interview questions. The questions were mundane; maybe he had over-prepared for the interview. “Tell us about yourself?” “Where did you go to school?” “Why did you study English and Literature?” “Why did you apply for this job?” “Why do you think you […]