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Noses Will Breathe Again

A season is coming soon when we will stop wearing masks. I will offer artistic opinion and evidence, not expert opinion. I prefer this kind of evidence because it is highly subjective reasoning open to non-scientific interpretations. My assertion has nothing to do with government mandates, success of vaccines or a scientific discovery of a cure. It is an opinion based on a conversation with my nose. Look at your nose keenly, look around at other noses near you if possible, and consider whether noses were meant to be covered.

If Joseph Were Kenyan

While attending the Bible School of the Holy Spirit, I was encouraged to always read the Bible with imagination without colouring outside the lines. On one of those reading assignments, I encountered six Kenyan Josephs —three noble and three colourful. I acknowledge that we have very many noble Kenyans who wear their Joseph names and calling proudly. Some could even be considered composites of all the noble qualities of the Josephs in the Bible.