We offer the following consultancy services and trainings to individuals, groups and corporates:

1. Training & Coaching Christian Creatives

We are born to create. All forms of creative expressions— music, visual art, crafting, writing, photography, drama, or movement— have the same source and share the same principles of creativity. Our trainings and coaching aim to make creativity a way of life, an everyday deliberate activity. No more waiting or hunting for inspiration.


  • Spirituality in creativity
  • Understanding the creative process
  • Structure in the creative process
  • Success: vision, setting goals and identifying key performance indicators
  • Creativity and identity, and link to all areas of life
  • Times and seasons and the stages of the creative process
  • Creating, influencing, and transforming without conforming

2. Writing and Web Content Creation

Good writing should speak to the soul: mind and heart. Although times and seasons change, the length of written communication varies, the medium of sharing written communication keeps changing, humans don’t change in how they consume written communication. The principles of good writing have not changed either. We believe that algorithms and SEO have nothing on good writing and well-structured content.


  1. The writing process
  2. Principles of composition
  3. Creative nonfiction
  4. Blogging and writing for the web

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